30 Years of Walking & Rolling Together!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this year’s Al Sigl Community WalkAbout such a fun way to celebrate our collaborative mission! Visit the links below to check out the great costumes and happy smiles. Thank you again for celebrating abilities and inclusion with us!

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A Message from Our President

We are always glad to meet people interested in our mission of bringing abilities to life and building a community where all are included fully. We'll post the latest news and events weekly. Questions? Please e-mail us at info@alsigl.org.

Thomas O'Connor

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CP Rochester

CP Rochester provides a network of services for people with physical disabilities®, from infancy through their senior years, to ensure that they safely determine their own pathways in life and live as full members of their communities. Over 65 years of dedicated service,
CP Rochester continues to open doors and change lives.

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Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc.

Epilepsy-Pralid, Inc. provides education, advocacy, and tailored services for people with epilepsy, traumatic brain injury, and other brain conditions. Our region encompasses the Rochester, Syracuse, and Binghamton areas.

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Medical Motor Services

Medical Motor Services provides direct transportation services to children, adults, and senior citizens with disabilities® and special needs, arranges transportation using other community providers and offers a vehicle maintenance service to other not-for-profit organizations.

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National Multiple Sclerosis Society Upstate New York Chapter

National Multiple Sclerosis Society Upstate New York Chapter provides comprehensive services to families who live with the unpredictable effects of multiple sclerosis through education, information, advocacy, health and wellness activities.

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Rochester Hearing and Speech Center

Rochester Hearing and Speech Center identifies, evaluates and provides treatment for anyone of any age with speech, language, or hearing challenges to enable communication for life.

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Rochester Rehabilitation

Rochester Rehabilitation achieves its mission of Work, Wellness, Independence, by getting people back to work and fostering active living. It provides an array of vocational, mental health, specialized driver evaluation/training, plus adaptive sports and recreation services for people with disabilities® designed to assist them in achieving vocational goals, independent living, and healthy active lifestyles.

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Year-End Charitable Gift Opportunities

Year-End Charitable Gift Opportunities

Shared by long-time friend and supporter Gerald Archibald of The Bonadio Group:

It’s that time of year when people begin to think of ways to reduce their tax burden, with charitable giving being at the top of the list. As you likely have already experienced, with the state income and real estate tax deduction capped at $10,000, most taxpayers will find they no longer can itemize as the standard deduction is significantly higher. Unless you have significant medical expenses, interest expense or charitable contributions you will likely take the standard deduction. If you can itemize, making donations of appreciated stock to qualifying charities like Al Sigl continues to be an excellent way to avoid capital gains tax while taking a charitable deduction for the fair market value of the stock. For additional information on year-end gifting strategies please visit the links below.

There's Still Time For Year-End Charitable Gift Strategies

Charitable Contribution Strategy

Mike's Story

"My first experience with Al Sigl was attending CP Rochester's preschool program. My involvement came full circle when I turned 16 and I was looking to get my driver’s license. My high school counselor suggested Rochester Rehabilitation’s DriveOn program. They helped me learn to drive and determine which adaptations my car needed. That experience in particular changed my entire view of what was possible. The sense of independence I felt getting my license helped me focus on a future where disability didn’t matter."

"I credit Al Sigl and especially my family for teaching me early on in life that a disability is not an impediment. That lesson has stayed with me. Every year more and more people turn to Al Sigl Member Agencies for help and support as they work to reach their goals. I hope you will join me in making a gift today to recognize their achievements and encourage us all to envision a future full of possibilities."

-Mike Messenger, tax accountant at PriceWaterhouseCoopers, LLP, and volunteer chair of the Al Sigl Community WalkAbout

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Mike's Story

Al Sigl Community of Agencies

We’re a collaborative community network that provides high-quality, cost-effective real estate and business services, while fostering community awareness and philanthropic support to a growing array of nonprofit organizations that serve children and adults with disabilities® and special needs.

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ROC the Day on #GivingTuesday

Your support this #GivingTuesday will help over 55,000 kids and adults served by Al Sigl Member Agencies. https://roctheday.org/Causes-…/Al-Sigl-Community-of-Agencies

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Move To Include Partnership Expands

Beginning with our Herman and Margaret Schwartz Community Series 15 years ago, which expanded into the week-long programming series on WXXI known as Dialogue on Disability, then expanded again thanks to the generosity of the Golisano Foundation to become a year-round programming effort, Move To Include, reaching over 1 million people each year! How exciting […]

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3rd Annual Al Sigl Council Holiday Paddle Tournament

  • December 7, 2019 at Tennis Club of Rochester

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