The Al Sigl Community of Agencies – Achieving More Together.

Our Mission

Al Sigl is a collaborative community network that provides high-quality, cost-effective real estate and business services, while fostering community awareness and philanthropic support to a growing array of nonprofit organizations that serve children and adults with disabilities® and special needs.

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The Al Sigl Community of Agencies – Achieving More Together.

Celebrating 62 Years

Our Community of Agencies is in every way rooted in Rochester and its surrounding communities. The full offering of services we make possible has helped children and adults with disabilities® and special needs to realize a better standard of living for a half century.

And we’re still going strong.

In 1962, parents and providers dreamed of a unique way for rehabilitation agencies to share space while maintaining distinct missions and programs. They boldly envisioned a model building with fully accessible classrooms, therapy suites, and work areas adapted for each agency, as well as a therapeutic swimming pool and gymnasium open to all. With the help of a caring community, these innovators built their dream house, and the Al Sigl Center opened its doors at the original Elmwood Campus in 1968.

Today we are known as Al Sigl Community of Agencies. Together with seven Member Agencies we have grown from serving 3,000 people with disabilities® in the early years to now serving over 55,000 people on six campuses.

Our Namesake

Alphonse J. Sigl’s weekday radio broadcasts began in 1931 with this simple introduction – “Howdy Neighbors”. For more than 30 years, Al Sigl was the voice of Rochester. His ratings were the highest of any noon newscast in the country.

His tremendous popularity was a result of the trust he built with his audience, his giving spirit, particularly as a champion for people with special needs and he made sure everyone was included. Al Sigl brought together the whole community to help “wherever there was a need”.

Today, his star still shines bright in the collaborative community that bears his name.

Our Namesake

Innovation & Collaboration

We were formed around the notion of collaboration and from the beginning looked to find ways to meet unmet community needs.  Below are some of the Agencies continuing this good work today.

Member Agencies

  • CP Rochester

    CP Rochester provides a network of services for people with physical disabilities®, from infancy through their senior years, to ensure that they safely determine their own pathways in life and live as full members of their communities. Celebrating 75 years of dedicated service, CP Rochester continues to open doors and change lives.

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  • Empowering People's Independence

    EPI provides progressive, tailored care solutions to people with developmental disabilities, epilepsy, and brain injury. Headquartered in Rochester, NY and with offices in Syracuse and Binghamton, EPI provides comprehensive services in the Finger Lakes, Southern Tier, Western and Central New York regions.

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  • Medical Motor Service

    Medical Motor Service provides direct transportation services to children, adults, and senior citizens with disabilities® and special needs, arranges transportation using other community providers and offers a vehicle maintenance service to other not-for-profit organizations.

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  • National Multiple Sclerosis Society Upstate New York

    National Multiple Sclerosis Society Upstate New York Chapter provides comprehensive services to families who live with the unpredictable effects of multiple sclerosis through education, information, advocacy, health and wellness activities.

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  • Rochester Hearing and Speech Center

    Rochester Hearing and Speech Center identifies, evaluates and provides treatment for anyone of any age with speech, language, or hearing challenges to enable communication for life.

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  • Rochester Rehabilitation

    Rochester Rehabilitation achieves its mission of Work, Wellness, Independence, by getting people back to work and fostering active living. It provides an array of vocational, mental health, specialized driver evaluation/training, plus adaptive sports and recreation services for people with disabilities® designed to assist them in achieving vocational goals, independent living, and healthy active lifestyles.

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  • Starbridge

    Starbridge partners with people of diverse abilities and their families to achieve success in education, employment, and healthy living.

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