Shoes for Sigl

THANK YOU to everyone who participated in #ShoesForSigl, our gently-used shoe drive to support the 30th Annual Al Sigl Community WalkAbout.

Kind friends and neighbors like you hosted two dozen collection boxes at a variety of locations throughout the Rochester this summer. Collection FAQs

Check back for updates on the project at

Cardboard box with bags of donated shoes inside

Why did we collect gently-used shoes?

  • To raise money to support our community.Ā  Did you know the programs provided by our Member Agencies help their clients to walk a little steadier, speak a little clearer, learn new work skills and gain independence?
  • To protect our environment by reducing the number of shoes being sent to landfills.
  • The shoes we collected will be re-purposed by micro-enterprises to create paths out of poverty!


Call Christine Lemcke at 585-442-4102 x8944 or e-mail