Celebrating Independence Day Every Day

What does INDEPENDENCE mean to you?

This year, that question has challenged us like no other. Is it the ability to take part in activities you enjoy, to choose how and where you spend each day? Is it the ability to be able to connect with others, to know that you are part of a community?

This global pandemic has affected each of us. There has been unimaginable loss, and confusion. There have also been remarkable moments of hope, of people pulling together to help in ways large and small. We have experienced innovation and collaboration like we have never seen before as our agencies have found creative ways to continue to provide critical services.

As you read this, our agencies and the people they serve are facing incredible challenges. They need your support now more than ever.

Check out our 2020 Independence Day stories to learn more about how our Member Agencies have responded to these rapid changes. They also include stories of connection and achievement even in the most difficult of times.

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