Just One Day School Challenge

  • February 14, 2020

Al Sigl Community of Agencies was built on the notion of collaboration and the belief that we can Achieve More Together.

In 1991, we mailed tens of thousands of blue envelopes asking for “just one” dollar to support the shared spaces where our Member Agencies help thousands each year.

The response was overwhelming. Why? Because we ask everyone in the community for an amount that anyone can give.

We invite local schools to join us for Just One Day on Friday, February 14th, 2020.

Ways your school can join the fun:
• Host a hat or dress down day.  Ask students for Just One dollar to participate.
• Offer a privilege or prize for the grade or class that raises the most funds.
• Get creative and get involved!

Print or Share a flyer.

Questions? Need ideas for your school’s Just One Day?  Please contact Christine Lemcke at 585.442.4102 x8944 or clemcke@alsigl.org.

Just One Day School Challenge