50 Stories for 50 Years


"What a thrill it was to discover the Shared Ski Adventures program and realize our family's dream of having Caitlin join us on the slopes. Now Caitlin and her dad get to spend quality time together each Saturday sharing in an activity they love." - Caitlin's Mom Joyce  

Caitlin, now in her mid-20s, has received services from CP Rochester since she was a toddler.  Adventuresome and active, she has participated in swimming, horseback riding and adaptive skiing.  Her competitive spirit also led her to try power wheelchair soccer, offered collaboratively by CP Rochester and Rochester Rehabilitation’s SportsNet, an adaptive sports and inclusive recreation program.


"It has been said that a single real friend is a treasure worth more than gold. I love my friends at Al Sigl for they enriched me in so many ways! I cannot think of our great community without Al Sigl being part of it."  


"It's a community of big hearts serving people of differing abilities.  It's a great organization.” - Al Sigl Board Member and Former Board Chair Barry Culhane


"I had the chance to work (at Al Sigl) for four years. I really appreciated working with the tenants, the agencies, and saw all the good things they were doing."



"I've been volunteering for Al Sigl's Community WalkAbout for years.  Al Sigl is a good organization to help because they offer many different supports for many different people.  I look forward to volunteering each year.  It's fun.” - Anthony


"What I love about Al Sigl is the people. Talent, dedication, honesty and passion are a powerful and positive combination."


"Being part of the Al Sigl Community of Agencies allows the Epilepsy Foundation of Rochester-Syracuse-Binghamton & PRALID do more for people with individuals with epilepsy, brain injuries, and developmental disabilities." - Jeff Sinsebox, President & CEO

"We love Al Sigl for helping our family."

Toby was able to hold himself upright for the first time at age 4 after a course of therapy at CP Rochester.  Toby, now nearly a teenager, is working on walking without braces, swims, attends sports camp, and plays baritone in the band.


"Al Sigl creates a link for every stage of life.  They help you figure out not only what your needs are, but what your goals are.  They push you out of your comfort zone but there’s always someone to fall back on if you need a hand.  By supporting Al Sigl, you are helping someone succeed.  That’s very powerful."

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