50 Stories for 50 Years


"Now I can hear my wife and my family again. And I can continue my role in community organizations like Rochester Rotary."  

Jim not only runs a successful business with Isaac Heating and Cooling, but is also an active community leader who values good communication. So, when he began to experience some difficulty hearing clearly at home with family, in crowded restaurants with friends, and during business meetings with colleagues, he turned to Rochester Hearing and Speech Center, with excellent results.



"We think back to 1976 and what a difference Al Sigl made in our son's life. He's 37 years old now…We will never forget the help you gave to two young parents." 



"You can do anything you want to, as long as you put your mind to it.”

Growing up, Karen was urged to try things that she wanted to do, even when others believed it wasn't possible—things like roller skating, cycling, tennis—and driving. Karen is an MCC grad and teaching assistant who received services from multiple agencies, including Rochester Rehabilitation’s DriveOn program. According to Karen’s dad, David, “Karen has a lot of independence because she drives."


"Three years ago I suffered a serious spinal cord injury while riding my bicycle.  I love Al Sigl and Rochester Rehabilitation's SportsNet program because they've given me the opportunity to get outside, to ride a bicycle again, and to feel good." - Dr. Bradford C. Berk, CEO UofR Medical Center


"CP Rochester loves the Al Sigl Community of Agencies.  We've been a proud member for 50 years." - Brian Klafehn, President/CEO


"Al I first became involved with Al Sigl in the 1960s...Now I’m back on the board of Medical Motor Service, so the wheel has spun around again.  It’s been a great experience.  The people – both the staff and the Board Members are just so dedicated."  - David Whitaker, Former Al Sigl Board Chair



"Independence means doing things on my own and having freedom"

Jennifer, a busy college student with outstanding grades and big plans, receives ongoing support from multiple agencies, including Medical Motor Service and Rochester Rehabilitation's SportsNet program.  Jennifer credits them for helping her gain more independence and fueling her passion for soccer.


"Thank you for Al Sigl Community of Agencies…My daughter will be 10 years old this year and thanks to your programs she has made unbelievable progress."

"It was a great idea when we got started and it’s still a great idea today.  We searched all over the county to see if there was any other organization out there like the one we wanted to create.  There was no pattern for us to follow – we were ahead of our time." - Don Potter, Al Sigl Founding Board Member and Former Board Chair

"Al Sigl Member Agencies truly make a difference in the lives of the people they serve." - Michael Rizzolo, RHSC Board Member

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